Are you spending too much time working ON your business instead of IN it? Are you so busy answering questions from clients and customers, trying to move all your projects forward and manage the team responsible for some of those tasks, keep your social media accounts flowing with new content, trying to develop new content and products or services, and trying to remember all the little details that a business requires that you’re sure things are falling through the cracks but you just don’t have the time or energy to attend to them? Do you feel like your business has taken over your life and you’re just struggling to keep it going?

Envision this: With me as your OBM, I’ll get systems put in place to automate repetitive tasks while still keeping your personal touch, I’ll take over managing your projects and the team who performs tasks related to those projects, I’ll review your analytics – everything from website visits and traffic sources to newsletter/ezine opens and clicks, as well as social media activities, and I’ll report it all to you on a regular basis and in a format that you prefer.

You get the peace of mind knowing that a professional business manager is taking care of the operations of your business just as you have been, managing the team, reviewing your metrics and providing you with the information you need to make strategic decisions for the growth of your company. This frees you up to go back to doing what you love, knowing that your business can thrive and that someone who is as passionate about your business as you are is overseeing the necessary operations while you chart the course and grow the company.

In addition to OBM services of Operations Management, Team Management, Metrics Management and Project Management, I also offer Virtual Assistant services to help support your business. Some of the areas that I provide support for are:

Organization – I can help bring order to the chaos, by creating and implementing systems for you, documenting processes and creating help docs, and setting your projects up in an online project management system.

Client Services – If you have programs that students or clients enroll in, I can assist with the intake, orientation and ongoing support of your clients or students.

Social Media Management – You provide the content and I’ll distribute it to your social media channels. I have experience posting in FaceBook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube and Vimeo. I can also source images for your content.

Blog Management – You provide the content, or at least a subject, some examples so I can learn your writing style, and your stance on the subject and I’ll proofread, edit, source images and publish your blog content for you.

Marketing Support – I can help build marketing funnels, create/edit/manage email lists in InfusionSoft, manage marketing campaigns in InfusionSoft, work with your storefront and much more.

So much more – Does your business have other needs that I haven’t addressed here? I can help in many ways – just email or call and let’s discuss!