Hi, I’m Samantha Hogue, and this is my story. Some of it, anyway. I’m an extremely private person, so sharing anything about myself – especially on the Internet to anyone who cares to read it – is challenging. I believe that in order to grow, we must challenge ourselves, so here goes.

Something else I believe is that the only gift we truly have to give is time. Before I tell you why I do what I do, let me share with you a quote I saw over two decades ago that has stuck with me ever since… “All things important only last a moment. Anticipating their arrival, like dreading their departure, only diminishes the quality of their stay. Neither sought out nor clung to too tightly, yet recognized and appreciated upon discovery; savored unconditionally with the knowledge that they may never be experienced again.”

I try to live by that quote – relishing and treasuring each special moment that I am gifted with, while also trying to help others realize how precious our time here is, and make the most of it. One of the way I do this is by using my knowledge, skills and abilities to empower people who are doing amazing good in the world.

By managing the operations, team, projects and metrics for small business owners who are working to make a positive, lasting difference in the world, I empower those visionaries to magnify the effects of their time. I carefully choose who I work with so that I can step into their operations and management tasks with as much enthusiasm and passion for their vision as they themselves have.

I have several passions and a plethora of interests, but I feel that my true potential lies in empowering those who are educating the public about how to live in harmony with our environment; naturalists, herbalists, environmentalists and others who share our reverence and love of this Earth are all people I resonate with and love to work with. I believe that education is one of the most effective ways to bring about positive, lasting change, so my ideal clients not only work to create change, they share their knowledge freely and help create or advance movements that bring people closer to a sustainable, healthy, harmonious lifestyle. So while I give a good deal of the weekdays to my client’s businesses, I also take time for myself, for self-care and rejuvenating activities like hiking, kayaking and camping.

I’m almost ashamed to call it camping… I think the term they use nowadays is ‘glamping’. Here’s what I mean – this is what we ‘camp’ in:

I love to travel too, so every chance we get, we’re off to either one of our favorite weekend destinations, or out on an adventure to see someplace new or revisit a beloved familiar location. We often take along some of our toys, including our mountain bikes, kayaks or our Jeep.

So in the spirit of sharing, here are ten things about me that I haven’t mentioned above:

  1. I have 2 sons, age 26 and 12; the younger one has Asperger’s, or what is now called High Functioning Autism.
  2. I love mythology and mythological creatures – unicorns and pegasi especially.
  3. I’m an arachnaphobe (I have a pathological fear of spiders).
  4. I don’t have just one favorite anything – color, food, song, etc. I love far too many things far too much to say one is better than all the rest.
  5. I love the movie Avatar and am impatiently awaiting the next 2 movies.
  6. I want to be a Psychologist when I grow up. I’m fascinated with human behavior and the workings of the mind.
  7. I love to laugh and I love to try and make other people laugh. I sometimes take things (or myself) too seriously so I try to lighten the mood  using humor when things get tense.
  8. I believe that you create your own reality; what you believe, so you shall receive.
  9. I’m an INTJ on the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator.
  10. I love plants and one of my passions is learning to identify them and how they can be used in the environment and by us in the form of food and medicine.

Now down to the question of my qualifications. “What experience do I have, you ask?

Well, I spent over 15 years supporting business executives in Corporate America, and I’ve been empowering small business owners in the online world for over 10 years – first as a Virtual Assistant, and since 2015 as an Online Business Manager after completing the Certified Online Business Manager training program created by Tina Forsyth.. Oh yeah, I also hold a Bachelors of Science in Organizational Leadership.